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Installation Guides

1. General Tile Installation


2. Metal Tiles and Mosaics

• Cutting: Our Metal Tiles and Mosaics consist of a 1mm stainless steel sheet laminated on the surface of a porcelain tile. Cutting can be performed by the use of standard wet-saw machine, installed with a continuous high quality diamond blade as seen in the images on the right.(Such as the RUBI DU-200 or RUBI DS-250-L; see Cutting must be performed slowly at all times to avoid high temperature build up, which could discolour the metal surface. As the mesh to tesserae bond is partially waterproof, the application of a clear tape on the surface of the mosaic tile is recommended to ensure the original format is kept during extended cutting processes. The clear tape can be removed after the cut tile is completely dry. When cutting difficult shapes and notches, the use of a GEMINI ring saw (Such as the Revolution XT, see is highly recommended.

• Cleaning: We recommend using 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher. For normal cleaning, spray the area lightly and clean, then polish to the desired shine using a clean dry cloth. For removing light scratches on the Metal Mosaic, you can use the same product, but introduce a steel wool pad, gently rubbing in a circular motion firstly, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. 3M can be found in most local supermarket or hardware stores.

3. 3D Tiles Installation Tips

Due to the varying surface depth of the 3D tile and the extremely high temperature reached during the kiln firing process, unpredictable shrinkage in tile body is unavoidable. This causes strong movement on each tile body. To achieve the best pattern alignment and consistency, the deviation and movement from point to point between 2 adjacent tiles has been controlled and sorted under a dedicated quality program during production. This process ensures all 3D tiles comply with ASTM C499 or ISO 13006 standards, in relation to dimensions and surface quality for natural and uneven surface finish tile. For the best performance and result, we strongly recommend following the tips in below during installation:  All tiles to follow the same direction indicated by the numbered arrows stamped on the back of each tile as A & B below. The grout joint width is recommended to be a minimum of 3mm. Please contact our sales office or your local authorised distributor for further assistance.